Products Installations

  1. Delivery normally takes a minimum of around 3 working days inside Kathmandu valley.
  2. Home Delivery inside Kathmandu Valley will be done only till doorsteps.
  3. Customer are requested to do physical inspection of the product before taking the delivery.
  4. Same day delivery and installtion of products is not possible as our delivery and installation team are different.
  5. For installation of products, customer are requested to contact our  service center  +977-1-5268961(NTC),  9805950020(NCELL) mentioned in the warranty card for the installation of the product.
  6. Customer will be provided with a complaint ID by our service center upon complaint registration (for installation or repair). It normally takes 3 working days for our service technician to visit your premises.
  7. Additional charges will be applicable *
  8. For TV, wall bracket is chargeable depending upon the type and capacity of the wall bracket.
  9. For A/C installation, Installation charge is NRP 4,000.00 – 10, 000.00 , and if additional outdoor wall angle bracket is required, then it will cost NPR 2,000.00 per unit, charges will also be applicable for additional drainage pipes and coppers and switches NPR 550.00 – NPR 1,000.00  per running feet.
  10. For Washing Machine, installation is FREE. But the plumbing part till the location of installation needs to be done by the customer.
  11. Customer are requested to keep Warranty card and VAT bills safely.